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Racing To The Final Finish Line: From Salt Lake City to the Mountains of Montana

Paul Erway is a man of many talents, a big heart, and endless capacity for reinventing himself and inspiring others. As a child and young adult, he was an accomplished equestrian, a passion that sent him to SUNY in Morrisville, New York, to study Animal Husbandry for horses. A life-changing accident in 1980, on the eve of his graduation, left him paraplegic and on a new path that would take him across the nation and around the world, competing as a wheelchair marathoner and helping others with disabilities.

After his first major accident, Paul attended Penn State University, where he studied business. He has been in the rehabilitation products industry since 1984, adapting vehicles for people with a disability, and has been with Superior Van & Mobility since 1998 as a Rehab Product Consultant.

In 1990, Paul competed in the World Wheelchair Racing Championships in Assen, Holland, and competed in the 2010 Ōita Japan Marathon, the pinnacle marathon for racing wheelchairs, just four years after a second major accident in 2006. Despite tragic setbacks, Paul continued to exhibit the resilience to come back to accomplish even bigger challenges.

In 2013, Paul partnered with Grant Berthiaume and Aaron Roux to take on the challenge of attempting to complete 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 weeks to raise awareness of spinal cord injuries and support for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation — all while working full time. The two-book series 50 Abilities, Unlimited Possibilities — which he published in 2017 and 2019 — chronicles the exhilaration and exhaustion of those 50 races.

Paul is a sought-after speaker and has addressed audiences of medical rehabilitation professionals and students, as well as race and health expos across the nation. Presentations with high content but tone of inspirational/motivational geared to conference or program.

Paul is always looking to involve others in adaptive sports through his own participation and volunteerism.

Through his books, his speaking and his everyday interactions, Paul endeavors to share his philosophy that “the more people you can help, the more you will be blessed.”

If you want a personally autographed copy or a bulk order, please Contact Paul Erway: 502-724-2300 |

Wheeling Through 50 States: From Jackson to the Boston Marathon Bombing

If you want a personally autographed copy or a bulk order, please Contact Paul Erway: 502-724-2300 |

Imagine three wheelchair racers setting and completing a truly audacious goal: Finishing 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 weeks. Travel with me and my fellow racers to the first 14 marathons in a journey that’s as life-changing as it is inspiring. While my story is unique and born from tragedy – suddenly paraplegic at 21 after a car accident – the insights and attitude are instructive to us all, regardless of our abilities or disabilities.

We find solutions and positivity in every challenge, and teaches readers to first do three things when adversity strikes: 1) Overcome your fears. 2) Take control of the situation. 3) Then take an unbelievable ride, and experience a journey you never imagined.

What to one person might be a handicap is to me an avenue to new possibilities. In this debut book, I recount the planning and excitement of the bold mission to complete 50 marathons in 50 states across 50 weeks. We share the grueling moments, the surprising lessons, the exhilaration of finish line after finish line, and the amazing people he met along the way.

50 Abilities, Unlimited Possibilities ― Wheeling Through 50 States: From Jackson to the Boston Marathon Bombing is a story you’ll never forget. It dares you to believe that we are full of abilities, not disabilities, and that the world presents us with possibilities, not limitations. With the right attitudes and the right goals, anything is possible ― especially when surrounded by the right people (like my family, who treated him immediately after his accident like he was “the same person just with better parking privileges”).

With a foreword by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, the nation’s foremost advocate dedicated to finding treatments and cures for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury (SCI) and other neurological disorders.