Whether it is life or a horse that throws you, go get back on. The rides you still can take will amaze you.

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Life can knock you down. But you have a choice on how you get back up.

Paul Erway is proof that what some may define as a disability can become a reminder of your endless abilities and life’s outpouring possibilities. A life-changing accident had the power to change everything for Paul, and in fact it did. An accomplished equestrian on the path for a successful career, he was left paraplegic and no longer able to accomplish his dreams. He was at a pivotal crossroad, and the choice was his on if he would let his life-changing disability stop him or help him harness the abilities he still had within his grasp. He could no longer ride horses, but he quickly forged a new path that took him across the nation and around the world, competing as a wheelchair marathoner and helping others with disabilities along the way.

In 1990, Paul competed in the World Wheelchair Racing Championships in Assen, Holland, and in 2010 he competed in the Ōita, Japan Marathon, the pinnacle marathon for racing wheelchairs. In 2013 he decided to embark on the challenge of completing 50 marathons within the 50 states with the goal of accomplishing them in 50 weeks, and from that experience he chronicled his many learnings in his book series, 50 Abilities, Unlimited Possibilities. Paul shares his stories of inspiration and hope with organizations, companies and groups across the US, leaving them motivated to embrace their unique abilities.

Learn more about Paul and the marathons that he has been a part of.

Invite Paul to Speak to Your Group

Support your team in setting aside their differences, looking past their hurdles and embracing the opportunities right in front of them by helping them uncover their abilities and see the endless possibilities. A man of many talents, Paul’s endless capacity for reinventing himself and inspiring others is the perfect complement to your group’s upcoming conference, team meeting or continuing education program. Through his personal experience, Paul’s customized and interactive speaking engagements leave audiences with messages on:

Resilience – leveraging challenges to help you become greater

Perseverance – redefining one’s perspective focused on abilities and capabilities

Empowerment – focusing on tangible ways to take control back when life feels like it’s spinning out of control

Growth – learning from your failures and building upon your successes

Forgiveness – moving past blame toward a path to deeper healing

Purpose – knowing your why and living a life focused on it

Uncover Your Abilities and See Unlimited Possibilities

What to one person might be a handicap is to Paul an avenue to new possibilities. In his book series, 50 Abilities, Unlimited Possibilities, he invites you to see past your own struggles, and dares you to believe that we are all full of abilities, not disabilities, and that the world presents us with possibilities, not limitations. Pack your bag and embark on a journey with Paul as he shares the story of himself and two other wheelchair racers as they set out on a bold adventures, attempting a feat of athleticism rarely paralleled as a team — taking on the challenge of 50 marathons in 50 states. His journey is filled with grueling moments, surprising lessons, exhilaration of finish line after finish line, and stories of the amazing people he met along the way.

“Paul Erway provides a candid inspirational reflection on his life experiences as a wheeling athlete as he relates his life experiences along a passage of humorous encounters to his audience.”

- Al Kaye, Knoxville, TN

“Paul was absolutely amazing. Truly inspiring story. He did a great job of introducing that perspective from a consumer that I feel will help a lot of providers in approaching individuals with SCI and how to better asses and treat their needs.”

- Jessica, New Orleans, LA

“Paul delivers his message with humor, passion, and a flair which captures and entertains the student audience. Most importantly, Paul serves as a role model whose own achievements lend credibility and inspiration to his message."

- Dennis Lesch, PT, GCS, CEEAA
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
Bellarmine University

“This was an amazing presentation. We remained engaged and was pulled into Paul Erway’s story and lesson. Great guy!”

- Elizabeth, Atlanta, GA

“The term ‘inspirational speaker’ is often overused. In Paul Erway’s case, it fits because Paul exhibits the power of perseverance and positivity in the face of overwhelming challenges. Paul is a speaker and author who will move and entertain you with his extraordinary journey of life in a wheelchair.”

- Michael Davis
Speaking and Storytelling Trainer
Founder of Speaking CPR

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