Race Results:
1st (02:10:27) – Grant Berthiaume
2nd (02:22:05) – Aaron Roux
3rd (02:53:43) – Paul Erway


Fox River opening up into the Bay of Green Bay.

The picture above is of the Fox River Outlet which flows through the city of Green Bay and into the “Bay of Green Bay”, as the locals would describe it to you. From there the Bay flows into Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes,which might …as well be called a Sea or an Ocean. That’s just how large it is. It dwarfs the Bay of Green Bay and it is big enough to fit the Island of Manhattan in. Ok, so where am I going with this? Well, back a few hundred years ago by water was the preferred way to travel. This is how many cities got there start such as Green Bay did. Fur Trading was big back in the early 17th Century, probably because Gortex and Fleece hadn’t been invented yet, and it undoubtedly helped to create these settlements.
These days Green Bay is known more for its meat packing and paper industries than Fur Trading. For most of us though, we identify the city with the popular NFL Team the Green Bay Packers and Lambeau Field. Which is where Paul, Grant and Aaron will get there 7:00 a.m. Start for their 18th Race at the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon. While the course elevation could possibly be a hindrance between mile 5 and 10, it looks like the weather will be on their side at 59 degrees and sunny.