The Moose’s Tooth Marathon is but just one of the many events at the Big Wild Life Runs Festival in Anchorage Alaska this weekend. Previously this marathon was called Humpy’s Classic Marathon, named in honor of the restaurant that sponsored it. The race starts at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday August 18th and the weather is expected to be 58 degrees with a 2 mph NNW Wind and a 30% chance of rain.

The 26.2 mile course begins in the heart of downtown Anchorage where Marathoner’s wind through the streets and then out to the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. They run past such sites as Westchester Lagoon, Earthquake Park, Postmark Drive, Point Woronzof and “the Blue Bridge”, at which point they turn around and head back. This time veering east past Westchester Lagoon and on to Chester Creek Trail. From the Chester Creek turnaround at Goose Lake, marathoner’s return to the Lagoon and go back to the finish line in downtown Anchorage.

For those that can’t remember their high school history. Alaska was purchased from Russia on March 30, 1867, for $7.2 million at approximately two cents per acre. The land went through several administrative changes, such as making Juneau the capital in 1906, before becoming an organized territory on May 11, 1912, and the 49th state of the U.S. on January 3, 1959. Approximately half of the 700+ thousand Alaskan residents live within the Anchorage metropolitan area. Thought you might enjoy some Cliff Clavin Trivia.

Wish the guys good luck on the race and may the Polar Bears not catch the scent of the power bars in their back pockets. Remember, you don’t have to out run the bear, just the guy behind you.